Who I Am

Uno Gomes, traveller, entrepreneur and investor.

Born in europe and roaming “around the world”, enjoying from the darkness of the north to brightness of the south. In many ways this also describes the bandwidth in my life.

As a young man growing up in Germany and Portugal, I was more attracted towards pure action than dipping my nose into books. I barely finished high school and speeded head on down the entrepreneurial road.

After selling my first business, I moved into high tech and online buiz, creating various companies all over Europe. In the late 90’s, ventures from within the online business lead to the creation of various Internet startups. Basically I had surfed and enjoyed these and the latest waves of prosperity – not least on the Internet. Today, 2012, I am more dedicated to seed investments.

Challenging the limits of the internet marketplace you simply must be a fighter. If you top that with the ability of surviving, not only the Internet bubble but also the 2009 financial crash with cash in your pocket, one might see the framework of the businessman, Uno Gomes. But my core Modus Vivendi has changed. In the last couple of years, I stopped always eating the whole cake myself realizing that it is much more exiting to share the success being an active investor instead of owning and controlling everything myself – a shift that creates more value and bigger smiles, being a VC.

My friends describe me as generous and ambitious but also lacking the gift of patience, almost unable to relax. Not digging into the riddles behind the newest algorithm but constantly in pursuit of an open-minded view of the whole world…

What can you expect from me? I am a reliable partner with dedicated experts who take pride in putting their experience at your idea. You will find that I give you utmost in whatever I do and I am extremely quality-conscious. The quest for excellence is part of my corporate culture.