What I Do

I focus on early-stage technology companies – usually looking at seed investments. My experience and international strength enable me to assemble professional teams of lawyers, consultants and financial experts. I aim to add value at all stages of a project, from initiation to execution, as well as in after services care.

Consulting: My philosophy and strategic choiches are reflected in specific objectives and the aim of offering active and effective advice to each startup. The customised proposals and solutions are based on creative approaches in line with actual requirements. To achieve this objective, I always look at the issues from the partner’s standpoint.

Funding: I offer expert financial advice with a team of independent financial advisors working from strategically located worlwide. Advice is given by face to face meetings, telephone, e-mail and written reports. All financial advice and recommendations are based on your specific requirements and fact find information following detailed analysis using a combination of experience and full research facilities.