One day a group of entrepreneurs, decided to take a single engine Pilatus PC-12 and travel around the world. “The Smiling Flyer” was born.
This trip is about men, who has build their professional lives taken risk and are seeing the risk on this trip as a natural way of having fun. People have asked us why we are doing the “SmilingFlyer” – the simple answer is: “Because it can be done”. (The plan was: “there is no plan – just get the plane around the earth”)
We took off from Mallorca, Spain on November 3rd 2007 and visiting the following places: Greece, Egypt, Dubai, Mumbai India, Maldives, Madras India, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Caledonia,Tonga, Fiji, Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Easter Island, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Cape Verde, Morocco, Spain.
We arrived back in Mallorca, Spain 17th of Februay 2008 having completed more than 60.000 km through some of the most remote areas of the world, all done with a big smile!