Oldtimer passion and investments

Oldtimer passion and investments

In 1950, Porsche began building sportscars in Stuttgart. I was born 20 years later and exactly 38 years later i bought my first Porsche in Germany. Ever since i bought a couple oft hem and there were all brand new.

Today, 63 years later after the first porsche was build, i decided to take my love for classic cars a step further which started with a 1973 Porsche RS lightweight and i was astonished to find out that this purchase is not comparable to other investments such as wine, gold or other traded.

Some Porsche 911 models desirable to collectors command stratospheric prices. For example, the limited-production RS, a rare high-performance 911 offered in the early 1970s, is a six-figure car in decent shape.

With interest rates remaining at an all-time low in most parts of the world, leaving your money in the bank isn’t a good idea. Which is why more and more people are turning to classic cars as an investment. Apparently, the only thing that is performing better is fine wines, which is hard to understand. With a classic car, you can take it for a drive and still have a classic car (and an investment) at the end of it. With wine, if you drink it, that’s your investment gone.

A report from market watchers Classic Data, based in Bochum, Germany, says that the value of sports cars from the Stuttgart automaker Porsche (911) has outpaced that of most other models in recent years.

Of course, not all Porsche 911 models appreciate in value as much. But just about any pre-1995 Porsche 911 purchased today will no longer depreciate if properly maintained. If you are in the market, look for a clean example already restored and buy the nicest you can afford.

Having this in mind i decided to start my own collection of Porsche classics. Historical 911 with a way back racing history, 911 RS from 73 Touring and Lightweight (just 200 build) the 356 coupe, the 911 Turbo shown in the movie „Bad Boys“ and much more cars will follow.

When passion morph into an investment J I aprecciate the cars for their simplicity and minimalism as well as the quality of their engeneering. My childhood dreams became reality and on top of it, it makes a great investment.

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